Make it sound good!!

Whether you need a full service recording studio from start to finish, are looking for someone to edit your existing audio tracks or require some voiceover work, 867 Studios can help!!

A variety of audio service available

With state of the art recording and mixing equipment, 867 Studios offers multiple audio services,

Music Recording

For our basic recording service, you get a dedicated recording engineer to control the recording board during your session(s). Our engineer will work to make sure you have the best set up for recording, including choosing the best microphones for your project, getting the microphones set up properly or providing options for direct input into the recording board.

Mixing & Mastering

We'd love to work on the mixing and/or mastering portion of your project. Using our state of the art editing software, we can assist you from start to finish. We can also work with your existing audio files.

Advertising/Voice Overs

With two decades of television and radio broadcast experience, we can help provide your business with a full-service solution for radio advertisements.