Changing veterans' lives for the better

Operation Hat Trick bridges the gaps separating wounded service members and veterans from essential equipment, specialized services, and the recovery that lies beyond. Our work and your generosity are about one thing: NEED!

  • Operation Hat Trick has donated over $1.2 million since 2014 to organizations that support its mission
  • Organizations like Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Veterans Count, the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Travis Mills Foundation, Liberty House, Project Sanctuary, Semper Fi Fund and the Yellow Ribbon Fund, Homes for Our Troops, Johnson County Veterans Affairs, Hidden Wounds, Jared Allen’s homes for Wounded Warriors, Adaptive Training Foundation, Canine Companions for Independence, Heroes Into Homes, Cache Valley Veterans Association, Purple Heart Homes-Gold Corner Chapter, Challenge Alaska, Brazos Valley Cares, the Travis Manion Foundation, Seats For Soldiers, Veterans Golfers Association, Hope for the Warriors, Soldier Strong, Headstrong, Fisher House at the Tucson, AZ Va, Veterans Empowerment Organization, among others have all benefited from Operation Hat Trick donations. (See the full list on the DONATE NOW page)
  • OHT has supported everything from buying a custom bow for an injured sharp shooter with a severe shoulder injury, to providing shoes for prosthetic legs, to providing therapeutic mattresses for those with spinal injuries, to providing airfare for family members who rush to be at their loved one’s side after an injury, to building a cabin at a camp for recovering veterans.
  • We’ve been able to grow significantly every year, vastly increasing the impact your support has on the lives of men and women who answered the call of military duty.
  • The veteran suicide rate is at 22 per day
  • 1 in 5 combat veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD-over 540,000 since 9/11
  • Based on a study of 675,000 combat veterans,39% are abusing alcohol or narcotics
  • HUD estimates over 39,000 veterans are homeless with 1.2 million at risk for homelessness
  • 453,000 9/11 veterans were unemployed in 2016
  • Only 4.5% of more than 3.6 million 9/11 veterans own or operate a business-compared to 49.7% of WWII veterans and 40% of Korean veterans
  • Their need is constant and support can be uneven. Operation Hat Trick is committed to making a difference in their lives by engaging with more donors and partners.

What People Say about Operation Hat Trick

Operation Hat Trick is devoted to the same mission that motivates everyone at SoldierStrong: supporting the recovery of wounded service members and veterans to help them move past the traumas of battle so they can live better lives. I've been especially impressed with – and appreciative of – OHT's approach to fill critical gaps in care wherever they exist. It's in keeping with the training our armed forces receive to 'adapt and overcome' and SoldierStrong is proud to partner with such a dedicated and resourceful group of people working for a greater cause."

- Chris Meek, SoldierStrong co-founder -

We’re incredibly proud to be part of OHT and partner our brand with such an important mission. The Fisher House on the historic Tucson VA campus is the only Fisher House in the state, they are a home away from home for families while their veteran family member receives treatment at the VA hospital. It’s rewarding to know our efforts impact local military families during a different time in their life."

- Alixe Holcomb, Director of Trademarks & Licensing, The University of Arizona -

It is truly amazing to see the impact of OHT on Clemson University and our surrounding communities. Through OHT and all of its licensing partners, Clemson has been able to identify and strengthen relationships with local Military organizations and make a difference in the life of veterans. Clemson has a proud Military heritage, and OHT's mission is aligned with what we strive to accomplish in honoring our servicemen and servicewomen, past and present, who have sacrificed so much."

- Mike Money, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing at Clemson Universit -

From my time at Walter Reed to today, Operation Hat Trick has been a true friend and partner in the success of the Travis Mills Foundation. I am so grateful for the continued partnership with OHT because I know that you believe in our success because you are a founding part of it. Without your early support, I could have never made this dream possible, and the Travis Mills Foundation has been able to serve over 200 veteran families because of that dream. Thank you, OHT, for believing in our recalibrated veterans and for supporting the Travis Mills Foundation."

- Travis Mills, SSG-Retired, Quadruple Amputee -

Thanks to Operation Hat Trick’s donations over the last few years, the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, MacV, in Duluth, has been able to reduce the homeless population and get those in need into liveable, sustainable housing. We are down to the last 20 to be placed. Without your help, this would not have been possible. OHT has truly made a difference."

- Neal Loidolt, Retired General and Executive Director of the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans -

I can only say one thing and that is AWESOME … I am amazed at what you have put together for wounded soldiers. Just a wrought iron vision for you … I remember when I got wounded and I was getting a quilt that was sewn together by an old patriotic woman who belonged to a church in Indiana. I have no words to describe what it’s like to receive something that was given from an American to a wounded soldier who is sitting in a hospital bed feeling helpless. It truly is beyond comprehension."

- SEAL teammate of Nate and Mike -

I love the fact that OHT is helping those who have been wounded and trying to recover from their visible and invisible injuries. Laura and I will spend the rest of our lives making sure their lives are as good as they can be."

- President George W. Bush -

Words cannot express what your help has done for me and my family. I am not use to asking for help,but you put my fears to peace…that brings tears to my eyes and I now have hope in my heart. I hope I can pass on to another veteran,the hope that Mac-v and OHT have given to me. I will carry a memory of you in my heart."

- Veteran helped by the Minnesota Assistance Council (MAC-V) for Veterans in Duluth, MN -

The University of Oklahoma is committed to honoring the men and women who bravely serve our country and participating in Operation Hat Trick is one way we can fulfill that promise. We are honored to be chosen as Finalist for the OHT Excellence in Service Award and look forward to seeing the impact the donation will undoubtedly have on the Warrior For Freedom Foundation."

- Candace Stimmel, Director, Trademark Licensing, University of Oklahoma -

It continues to be a joy and an honor to partner with Operation Hat Trick to support those who choose to serve our country. When you become aware of these warriors and their great need,there is NO other choice than to take action. We are so grateful for Operation Hat Trick’s servant leadership in this way and are proud to serve alongside them in this great endeavor."

- Cole Price, Director of Licensing, University of Alabama -

Ma’am, you’ve almost made me feel normal today."

- Severely burned patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center upon receiving an OHT hat -

Operation Hat Trick is an incredible organization that we are tremendously proud to support. Watching OHT’s growth over the years has been inspiring and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to their success and aid in the imperative work that they do in supporting our troops."

- Steven D’Angelo, co-owner of ’47 -

The day in Washington was the best I’ve spent in all my years as an academic administrator. It was inspiring."

- Mark Huddleston, University of New Hampshire President, after visiting wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD -

Support from Operation Hat Trick has been invaluable to the growth and development of our Veterans Services program. OHT has helped us at every turn,whether we needed funds to custom design a piece of equipment for a specific Veteran need or helped expand our overall program capacity. OHT has been there for us and in my mind they are a vital part of our success."

- Jill Gravink – Director, Northeast Passage -