Why OHT is effective

Donors and supporters of Operation Hat Trick need to know how their donations and support positively affect the everyday lives of service members and veterans recovering from visible and invisible injuries. Your donations and support help fill the gaps in the care our injured service members and veterans need so they can resume living their lives to the fullest. Below are some examples of how OHT and its donors and supporters have impacted the lives of our heroes who return from war with many physical and emotional injuries.

They Promised to Defend. We Promise to Support.

OHTMARSOC (U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) is the Marine Corps service component to the U.S. Special Operations Command . Dating back to to the Marine Raiders of WWII, MARSOC trains, equips, and deploys task-organized, scalable, and responsive Raider teams in support of Combatant Commanders and other agencies. Raiders conduct foreign internal defense,special reconnaissance and direct action mission across the globe. Operation Hat Trick helps support the MARSOC Tragedy Assistance program through the MARSOC Foundation. In 2017, OHT’s donation provided the following for wounded and recovering active service members and veterans:

  • 3 therapeutic mattress toppers for three very badly injured service members. These toppers help with severe back injuries.
  • 1 recliner lift chair
  • Lodging for a Raider undergoing cancer treatment
  • Mentor support for a Raider who is now legally blind.

Operation Hat Trick is proud to be making a difference-one service member/veteran at a time.

OHTThe Adaptive Training Foundation exists to empower the human athlete, restore hope through movement and redefine the limits of individuals with disabilities. ATF creates customized training programs that RESTORE, RECALIBRATE, and REDEPLOY. One significant group at ATF is the Veterans group where often “broken”, depressed and pain filled veterans have given up hope that they will ever return to being a contributing member of society. ATF takes these veterans and through their specialized programs, teaches them how to achieve their weight, pain reduction, strength, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular-goals giving them once again a sense of purpose.Operation Hat Trick has help fund the ATF Veterans program enabling them to grow and serve more of those in need

OHTThe Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, MACV, is an organization that provides assistance to veterans and their families today and tomorrow and the need continues as veterans have returned home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Operation Hat Trick has specifically helped MACV in Duluth, MN with their homeless population and those veterans who suffer from PTSD.

  • 2,000 inquiries for assistance each month are received by MACV offices, almost 25,000 annually
  • Over 1,800 veterans were directly assisted with comprehensive services
  • Since 1990 MACV has been able to help 10,000 veterans and their families

As one veteran commented, “Words cannot express what your help has done for me and my family. I am not use to asking for help,but you put my fears to rest and I now have hope in my heart”.

OHTNortheast Passage – Through a partnership with NEP and their PATH program, which helps recovering veterans throughout New England acclimate back into society, OHT pays for part-time staff enabling the program to grow from five clients to 68 in two years. Thanks to PATH and OHT, John, a former sniper and sharpshooter with a career-ending shoulder injury and PTSD, was able to leave his home where he had been a recluse and join archery classes. OHT paid for a custom-made bow that allowed John to replicate his sharpshooting skills and return to being a productive member of his community.

OHTSemper Fi Fund – Because of donors like you, the Semper Fi Fund has helped thousands of service members over the past 13 Yrs. There are still many more military families who need equipment, resources, and mentorship. Your ongoing financial support is essential to our efforts. You continue to be a catalyst for change in the lives for our service members and their families and we sincerely thank you for your dedication to those in need. You’ve helped us uphold our sacred responsibility to care for those injured or ill while in service to our Nation. In small part OHT has helped us provide the following:

  • 741 Critical Care Illness Support grants
  • 902 Caregivers Retreats grants
  • 1,169 PTSD/TBI grants
  • 141 Adaptive Home and Modifications and Repairs/Equipment grants
  • 254 Veteran Reunions
  • 737 Canine Companions grants

OHTVeterans Count – Veterans Count is a division of Easter Seals. Veterans Count provides recovering veterans with emergency assistance in 24 to 48 hours. This assistance includes food, rent, fuel, counseling and more. Since its inception 10 years ago,VC’s services to the military has been significant and extremely impactful. In some small way,OHT has helped make a difference with:

  • 5,138 service members,veterans,and their families (10,145 individuals) were served
  • Care Coordinators intervened in 112 cases of significant suicide risk
  • Homelessness was prevented for 1,255 at-risk families. 958 homeless families were secured permanent housing
  • individuals were successfully engaged in treatment previously untreated mental health or adjustment issues
  • 15,332 referrals were made to community and military resources
  • 1,086 program participants obtained employment

OHTIronstone Farm – Ironstone Farm operates an equine program designed to help homeless veterans attend retreats and work with horses during their recovery from substance abuse, PTSD, and other effects of war. OHT established a three-year fellowship with Ironstone Farm where staff has been hired to promote, implement and manage this program.The program’s first attendee is now substance free, employed, in a relationship, and has his own apartment that he shares with his dog.Outreach from the program resulted in a local police chief, who is a veteran, adopting this program for his first responders who are also veterans. After continued meetings with other police and fire chiefs in the area, they have proposed making this a mandatory program for all veterans who graduate from there academies. Forty percent of those who graduate from the police and fire academies are veterans.

OHTArmed Forces YMCA – The Armed Force YMCA at the Naval Hospital in San Diego is designed to help service members recovering from the visible and invisible wounds of war. Everyday items like shoes for prosthetic legs or food for the simulated kitchens where arm amputees go to learn how to peel an apple or cut a potato are not provided by current benefits. Treatment goes far beyond shoes and food in a simulated environment, however. As patients begin to recover they need therapeutic care, fine and gross motor skills training, mental health services throughout patient, and many suffering from PTSD and TBI are in need of service dogs. Together this is where OHT and the Armed Forces YMCA have been able to fill some of those gaps in coverage. OHT has contributed to the YMCA’s efforts, which have provided assistance with in-patient and therapeutic services to 17,278 and recreational services to almost 3,154 more. It has also provided items such as adaptive clothing and gasoline cards to 2000-plus veterans, making up for gaps in their benefits